EMPOWERING YOU for healing
I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that
we will ever do.
-brene brown
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Client Testimonial 

"Seeing Genevieve is one of the best investments I've made in myself. I saw her for about a year, mostly to process trauma. We did art therapy, talk therapy, and EMDR. Genevieve helped me to heal as well as learn about how to take care of myself. She is very skilled and intuitive, and her guidance in EMDR was very effective. Her patience was meaningful as she let us go at my pace and was never judgmental. You can trust her to be there for you and gently help you through your process."


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The way I work is trauma informed. I create a safe therapeutic environment through collaboration, transparency, and encouraging empowerment for choice.

My treatment is focused on

lasting growth and deep change.

I work from an Attachment Theory perspective, 

which means that I believe our early relationships with our caregivers have a great effect on our later relationships in life, and on the way we view the world.

Often, these experiences cause relational or "attachment" wounds.

Whether you were wounded, traumatized or did not quite get the care-giving and love you needed you could be stuck in those familiar relationship patterns. 

Through consciously examining these patterns, & shifting them you can have the secure

relationships you deserve.

This includes the one with yourself.

Trauma fragments us.

Dissociating and fragmenting are mechanisms we use to survive these awful experiences. You will get to know these fragmented parts, and develop a secure relationship with yourself. 


My Training: 

  • Alliant University, CSPP- MA in Marriage and Family Therapy

  • EMDR Trained with Parnell Institute

  • Domestic Violence Counselor (2015) with Sojourn Domestic Violence Services

  • Doula Certification (2020)