Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #102153
Located in Midtown Sacramento

My Specialities 


EMDR is a a research based trauma treatment that helps bring down the emotional disturbance of a memory.

Toxic Relationships & Abuse

In the beginning of my career I worked in DV shelters and as a counselor on a crisis hotline. Supporting survivors to recover, heal and build better relationship patterns is how I started as a therapist.

And, it continues to be

an area I am 

passionate about. 


You will not have to explain the basics of LGBT culture to be as I am a part of your community. 

That's a nice jumping off point.

Gender &



Whatever your gender, you are welcome here. 
I promise to get your pronouns correct and to use gender affirming language and



& Non-


 I welcome poly configurations

or couples in relational therapy.

I also work with polyamous/polygamous/non-monogamous individuals on any number of issues in a welcoming, poly positive environment.


I work with couples to deepen intimacy, heal from betrayal, reconnect, and generally build better communication


My first inspiration as a

therapist was teens.  

I work with teens who have a lot of challenges. 

I am good at building

rapport with




Unresolved trauma can cause many symptoms that interfere with daily life. I can help you  process & move past these traumas.



& Kink



Let's talk about sex.

I can support you with sexual issues or disorders, I can provide a safe space to talk about kink.

I can offer relational

sex therapy.



How I work 

I work from an Attachment Theory perspective, 

which means that I believe our early relationships with our caregivers have a great effect on our later relationships in life, and on the way we view the world.

Often, these experiences cause relational or "attachment" wounds.

Whether you were wounded, traumatized or did not quite get the care-giving and love you needed you could be stuck in those patterns of relationships. 

Through consciously examining these patterns, & shifting them you can have the secure

relationships you deserve. This includes the one with yourself.

I aim to empower you to change. 

If you find yourself in toxic relationship patterns I believe you are trying to undo the trauma that initially happened to you by giving it a retry. But, you need some support in learning new, healthy patterns because you only know what you know.

We will work towards new relational experiences, so you can get an

earned secure attachment.

Trauma fragments us. Dissociating and then fragmenting is a mechanism we use to survive these awful experiences. You will get to know these fragmented parts, and develop a secure relationship with yourself. This leads to greater integration and self esteem.

The way I work is trauma informed. I create a safe therapeutic environment through collaboration, transparency, and encouraging empowerment for choice.

My treatment is focused on

lasting growth and deep change.